Catalinbread’s Coriolis Effect is Truly a Force of Nature

By February 5, 2019News, Pedals
Catalinbread Coriolis Effect

US pedal-maker Catalinbread is known for creating some pretty quirky stompboxes. Their latest release, the Coriolis Effect, is named after a phenomenon in physics in which an object in motion is altered by a rotating frame of reference. It’s a cool name for a rotary, however, Catalinbread says that this unit acts as a“sustainer, wah, filter, pitch shifter and harmonizer rolled into one”.

Catalinbread Coriolis Effect

The Coriolis Effect is truly a force of nature. Catalinbread says their new pedal acts as a sustainer, wah, filter, pitch shifter and a harmonizer combined.

The new effect has three knobs that according to Catalinbread “change the equations of motion for your guitar signal”. ‘Position’ controls the dry/wet mix of the signal, ‘Velocity’ alters the pitch of the wet signal and ‘Acceleration’ is a two-pole low pass filter. ‘Hold’, as its name suggests is a hold function, which loops the signal for a stuttering effect. Those wanting to mess with the dynamics can use the expression pedal input, which is handy for creating all sorts of wah sounds.

Catlinbread says that manipulating the ‘Velocity’ and ‘Acceleration’ knobs “drags your playing into the heart of a black hole, red-shifting your tone into a lower pitch and filtering out the high frequencies”. Sounds more science experiment than pedal effect.

If this sounds like your kind of thing, head on over to Catalinbread’s website.

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