Catalinbread Launches the Topanga II Spring Reverb

By August 21, 2019Effects, Guitar, News, Pedals
Topanga II Pedal

Catalinbread has released a modern take on spring reverb with the new Topanga II.  It’s built upon the cascading tone of its predecessor, the vintage Fender 6G15 and Topanga I. Accordingly, the Topanga easily earns its title as an exceptional addition to Catalinbread’s catalogue.

Like all good reverb pedals, this one can serve up delicious drippy, surfy goodness that can go to the next dimension with the added ‘+’ mode. Handbuilt in Portland, Oregon, the Topanga II, packs enough features to dial in any sound you want from antique to avant-garde.

Topanga II Pedal

A faithful emulation of the classic Fender 6G15 back with new age capabilities. The limited edition Topanga II showers you with the surfy sound of the ’60s.

The pedals dwell knob dictates how hard the virtual springs are while the tone control allows adjusting the brightness of the reverb. The volume and mix control both go completely from 0-100, allowing you to set the exact amount and volume of reverb you like.

The pedal’s unique ‘+’ mode takes the ‘verb to another dimension. By simultaneously lengthening the decay and adding subtle spring modulation you are able to create some extremely adventurous ambient tones. The circuit is all true bypass and comes packed in a funky red and green chassis.

For more information, visit the Catalinbread website.

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