Capitol Chambers is Now Part of the UAD Plugin Family

In terms of recognition, Capitol Studios in Los Angeles is right up there with Abbey Road. Central to the unique character of this hallowed studio are the four echo chambers underneath the tower. Now Universal Audio has recreated the sound of those spaces in its new plugin, Capitol Chambers.

capitol records tower echo chamber reverbUniversal Audio’s UAD 2 software has reached version 9.9. To celebrate the launch, they’ve welcomed something truly special to the fold –  the Capitol Chambers reverb plugin.

In the days before the popularisation of mechanical reverbs, echo chambers were the go to method for adding ambience to a mix. Take a recorded sound, send it to the chamber, where it’s then put out via speakers to be recorded again.

In true UAD form, the recreation of the sound of Capitol Records’ echo chambers goes beyond what you might expect.

You can reposition microphones within the chamber to customise different types of ambience. The entire signal path, including amplifiers, speakers, custom preamps and classic mics are also on hand for further customisation.

For more info and sound demos visit Universal Audio.

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