Can You Give a Metal Zone Away For Free?

By May 9, 2019News, Pedals, Software
Murcuriall MT-A Metal Area

The Boss MT-2 Metal Zone, you either love it or you hate it… but probably mostly just hate it. But would you take one for free? Well, with their new MT-A Metal Area plugin, Murcuriall Audio certainly thinks so.

Murcuriall Metal Area MT-A

Everyone has an opinion on the Metal Zone, mostly bad, but can you give one away for free? Murcuriall is certainly trying with their new MT-A Metal Area plugin.

Has there been something missing from your productions? A gaping black hole that could only be filled with distortion that sounds like a can of bees? Well, you’re in luck today friend because Mercuriall is generously giving away a plugin version of the fabled and much maligned Metal Zone.

Mercuriall’s version, the MT-A Metal Area is even more adjustable than the original and includes controls for Level, Distortion, Highs, Lows, Mids, Mid Frequency, Input Gain, Mono/Stereo and a Quality switch.

Listening to the video, it actually sounds pretty legit and I’m sure someone will find a place for it. Head on over to Mercuriall’s website for the download. Go on, it’ll be a laugh.

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