Burls Art Returns with a Flying V Made From Eight Mega Jawbreakers

By April 22, 2019Guitars, News

Youtuber Burls Art has made a bit of a splash with less-than-conventional guitar creations. Now he’s back with something sweeter, a Flying V made with Jawbreaker candies.

A project to sink your teeth into: Burls Art’s latest creation dishes up the classic Flying V shape, made from jawbreaker candies.

For such a short video, Burls Art shows a fair degree of detail in his process. From the way he slices up the massive lollies, to pouring of the resin, machining the cavities for pickups and the sanding. So much sanding.

And the candy itself turns out to be an inspired choice of material. The pastel swirls are reminiscent of 60s psychedelia, with the guitar showing off the patterns at every angle.

Check out the build below:

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