Burls Art Makes a Telecaster From 1200 Coloured Pencils

By February 21, 2019Guitar, Guitars, News
burls art telecaster

Youtuber and ‘pencil luthier’ Burls Art has made a bit of a name for himself for making creations with strange materials, like a snowboard made from duct tape or a Stratocaster built from a stack of coloured pencils. Well now, he’s taken the idea to the next level with a colour coded Telecaster and the results are nothing other than… satisfying.

burls art telecaster

Custom Shop not ‘custom’ enough for you? Well, try this Telecaster made from 1200 coloured pencils by ‘pencil luthier’ Burls Art.

Burls Art’s new Telecaster is a more refined version of his original Stratocaster design and features a colour-coded gradient that flows nicely along the body from purple to white. A major difference with this guitar is that he uses a higher quality clear epoxy resin to set the pencils, as well as a further coat after the original mould has been set.

The video below documents the whole process and it’s definitely satisfying to watch a bunch of pencils turn into a guitar. From the sounds of the demonstration, the guitar actually has a really nice sound to it too. Must be something in the graphite.

An update on Burl Art’s Instagram shows that he already has another project in the works – a guitar being made from quilted maple, which should be very interesting indeed.

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