Burls Art is Back with a Guitar Made Completely from Resin

By May 31, 2019Guitars, News
burls art resin guitar diy guitar

Burls Art has returned with yet another piece of guitar art. In the past, he’s tackled guitar builds with pencils, foam and even candy. His latest project is relatively conventional by his standards – a guitar made purely from epoxy resin.burls art resin guitar diy guitar

Pencils, foam, candy and more – there’s little that Burls Art is afraid to take on for his guitar builds. The next material on the list: epoxy resin.

Here’s how the luthier wunderkind describes his latest effort:

In this video, I attempt to build an electric guitar out of resin. I have been using a lot of resin in my builds so far so I figured why not go all in and do one completely out of resin. I also build my first neck start to finish in this video.”

The resulting pieces cuts a decidedly PRS shape and for the first time, he built the neck and headstock as well.

Watch the master at work below:

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