Build Your Own Reverb with the Hyperspace Plugin

By June 7, 2019Mixing, News, Software
hyperspace reverb plugin software

Usually when you add reverb to a mix, it’s easy to feel locked into a few trusted archetypes – spring tanks, plates and concert halls. Hyperspace is a plugin that transcends those boundaries, allowing to create bespoke ambience by combining different processors.hyperspace reverb plugin software

Tired of the same old reverb? Why not make your own? Hyperspace is a plugin that encourages ambient experimentation through combining processors.

The different types of ‘verb that you can combine include Vintage, Classic, Retro, Modern, Sci-Fi and Cosmic. As the descriptors would indicate, there is already a broad range of flavours to pick from, even before you mix them together.

To blend in the ambience, there are tools like spectral noise separation, ducking, transient recovery to create just the right amount of space in the mix.

Separate knobs for wet and dry allows you to fine tune the balance of the reverb, plus time based parameters can be synced to session tempo, to lend more movement to the mix.

For more info, visit United Plugins.

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