Build Your Own Beats with Modal’s CRAFTrhythm

By September 13, 2017News, Production, Software

CRAFTrhythm by UK based synth makers Modal Electronics is a drum machine that you can build in ten minutes without any tools.

With CRAFTrhythm by Modal Electronics, you can build a drum machine in less time than it takes to build a beat.

The 8-track drum machine is the perfect companion piece to the previously released DIY monosynth, the CRAFTsynth.

Though light in weight, this drum machine is heavy with features like a 16 step-sequencer, individual mixing controls for the 8 tracks and can even be loaded with custom drum samples via the CRAFTapp.

Like every good drum machine, the CRAFTrhythm has capacity for storing plenty of patterns (16), which can be chained together to make longer sequences. It also has the connections to make it viable for stage performance, including MIDI, headphone and line outputs.

You’ll have to wait till December to get your mitts on this kit, and you can find info on how to order here.

Via Fact Mag.

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