British Amp Legends Orange Unveil a Trio of New Models that Extract Massive Sound from a Small Footprint

Orange have long since earned a reputation for crafting the essential sound of rock through amp craftsmanship. The path of innovation continues with the Brett Hinds Terror, Orange Crush Mini and the Rocker 15 Terror.

Tones that crush and terrorise: the three new amps from Orange continue the evolution of amplifier company, giving players ample choice from the bedroom to the stage.

Marketed as an amp for all occasions, the Rocker 15 Terror is a valve powered model with switchable wattage options that range from 0.5 to 15.

You can switch between two channels – Dirty unlocks a higher power gain structure with bass, middle and treble EQ. Natural is the clean channel with just the one control for volume.

The Brett Hinds Terror was designed in collaboration with the Mastodon singer and guitarist. It pretty much shares the same spec sheet as the Rocker 15, yet with a gain staging suited to creating a whole lot more crunch. 

The Orange Crush Mini is the baby of the family (Orange’s smallest amp in fact) but it packs a surprising punch. It’s also not short on versatility too, as it comes with headphone jack, chromatic tuner and a speaker output for connecting to a bigger cabinet.

For more information on their range of new amps, visit the Orange website. 

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