Brainworx has Announced the Beta Version of the Bx_Masterdesk

Brainworx has announced the public beta release of the Bx_Masterdesk. It promises to deliver all the delights of analog mastering with all the convenience of being in the box.

One for the mastering engineers: the Brainworx Bx_Masterdesk delivers high end analog mastering quality in the form of a single plugin.

The plugin aims to be a one stop shop for firing off professional masters with a minimum of fuss, potentially replacing a swag of plugins that make up a typical mastering chain.

It features a volume knob which will decide how hard you hit the mastering chain; a Foundation setting, determining the amount of bottom end energy in the mix and tone section for broad EQ settings that covers bass, middle, treble and presence.

Metering – an all important factor in the mastering process – is intuitive and details a range of volume targets, alongside a mid-sides section for stereo enhancement and mono focusing.

Brainworx have a pedigree in analog emulations, specialising in designs that capture analog workflow and sound quality within the DAW environment.

Visit Brainworx for more info.

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