Brainworx bx_console N Delivers Rare Neve Quality to Your DAW

By October 3, 2017News, Software

The bx_console N by plugin makers Brainworx models the much-sought-after sound of the Neve VXS 72 channel console.

Brainworx have created a faithful homage to the Neve VXS console: the bx_console N. Now you can bring the character of this 90s classic into your DAW.

Much like their SSL E series emulation – the bx_console E – the bx_console N utilises Tolerance Modelling Technology (TMT), which means that each channel strip will behave like a real console, with all its electronic variables between individual channels.

Feature wise, it delivers the options you would expect in a high end, large format console. This includes compression and limiting, gating and expansion, high pass and low pass filters and four-band EQ with high and low shelving and Q control in the mid-range.

There are a few mod-cons included to make the most of a modern mixing and tracking workflow, including EQ that can be placed before or after the dynamics section of the channel strip and EUCON parameter mapping for Avid console controllers for a more tactile experience.

Check out Plugin Alliance for more details.

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