Boss Unveils MT-2W Metal Zone and DC-2W Dimension C Waza Craft Editions

By October 8, 2018Pedals
Waza Craft metal zone

Boss has recently unveiled 2 shiny new pedals – the MT-2W Metal Zone and DC-2W Dimension C. These new stompboxes will join Boss’ pimped-out range of stompboxes, the Waza Craft series.

Both of these units are refined and expanded versions of their original counterparts, joining the likes of the legendary, BD-2W Blues Driver and CE-2W Chorus, which altogether brings the Waza stable to 8 units.

Waza Craft metal zone

Boss has added two new pedals to it’s pimped up Waza Craft line, the MT-2W Metal Zone and DC-2W Dimension C.

Boss DC-2W Dimension C

The Dimension C Waza is a beefed up version of the original pedal. Although it’s related to a chorus, and technically a time-based effect, the Dimension’s circuit is actually very unique and works by expanding the width and depth of the audio source, without an obvious modulation. Think of it like a super-subtle, more spacious chorus. The four settings change the modulation ‘style’- which included two choruses, a flanger and a rotary effect.

With two internal circuits, the unit is particularly powerful via stereo outputs and unlike most Boss pedals, the unit has no adjustable knobs, just presets. The original was produced between 1985 and 1989 and is one of the more sought-after vintage boss effects. The Waza version offers new design refinements such as a fresh buffer circuit, redesigned bypass and new electronic mode switches.

HM-2 Waza Craft

The HM-2 is a bit of a legend amongst gearheads. Scratch that, it’s a straight-up meme. If you’re reading this you probably get it anyway but the MT-2 has a strange reputation, a bit of a love or hate kinda vibe amongst Facebook groupers and forum dwellers.

The original 1991 stompbox had a tight mids section, which made it decent for doing ’80s thrash tones, but not much else. But this is new, its a reworked Waza Craft version which means it’s beefed up and unique, just like the rest of the Waza series.

The HM-2 Waza has two modes onboard, Standard and Custom. The standard switch gives you everything you loved (or hated) about the original, but it’s higher quality components make it more responsive, clearer and more defined. Custom mode, however, is a whole new bag of tricks. There’s a wider tonal range with what Boss claims are “increased dynamics and rounder lower mids.”

For more information take a look at the Boss website.

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