Boss Unveils the New Nextone-Artist and Nextone-Stage Amplifiers

By November 19, 2018Amps, News

Boss has released two new amps to its amp line-up, the 80watt Nextone-Artist and the 40watt Nextone-Stage. These combo amps make use of Boss’ Tube Logic Technology, which has been developed with the aim of “reproducing the complex interactive behaviours of tube amps in every way”.

Lightweight, versatile and practical. Boss’ new Nextone series aims to make things a whole lot easier for gigging musicians.

The Nextone series is geared towards gigging musicians, with Boss stating the advantages of Tube Logic include “reliability, reduced weight and maintenance-free operation.” Also included in the design is the Nextone Editor, which gives artists access to a whole range of customisable options, including bias control, sag and EQ settings. An optional GA-FC foot controller can be used to activate these customizations.

Both Nextone amps utilise four Class A/B analogue power amps, 6V6, 6L6, EL84 and EL34, each with their own unique characteristics that emulate real tube amplifiers. These power amps are accessed via a four-way switch on the front of the amp, and  both amps come with two channels as well as Boost, Tone, Presence and a three way EQ.

Both the Artist and the Stage models use a specially designed lightweight 12-inch speaker and incorporate built-in effects including reverb, tremolo and delay. Boss has also added a few handy connectivity features, including a line-out for microphone-free direct tone and a USB port to connect straight to a DAW

The Nextone series looks to be focused on versatility and practicality, with Boss stating,“You get to enjoy all the great sound and response of your favourite tube designs without the backbreaking weight and ongoing maintenance hassles.”

In case you missed it, Boss also announced the WAZA Tube Amp Expander, which paired with the Nextone series, could make a very potent combination.

Both amps should be available by the end of November. Check out Boss’ product page for more information.

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