BOSS Launches Four Next Generation Effects Pedals

By June 14, 2019News, Pedals
boss new effects pedals

Over decades of craft and innovation, the name BOSS has become synonymous with the term “stompbox.” They have a legacy like no other when it comes to historic pedals, but with their new selection, they’ve got an eye toward the future. The new selection encompasses a digital delay, graphic EQ, modulation and drive.boss new effects pedals

BOSS have got an unparalleled roster of effects pedals under their belt, but they’re not content to rely on their legacy. Meet the new 200 series.

The DD-200 Digital Delay takes all the features and sounds of the DD-500, and shrinks its footprint. There are 12 different modes on offer, which dish up everything from modern digital to vintage analog echoes.

The EQ-200 Graphic Equalizer promises to deliver on all EQ needs across guitar and bass. There are 10 frequency bands to sculpt your sound, plus it even has a screen that clearly displays the current EQ curve.

Like the delay, the MD-200 Modulation crams the functionality and tone of its big brother into a more pedal friendly enclosure. There are 12 different flavours to choose from, with direct access to rate, depth, level and additional parameters for each effect type.

The OD-200 Hybrid Drive encapsulates all of the company’s innovation in overdrive in one pedal. It features a hybrid analog/digital design, 3-band EQ and powerful pre and post boosts for custom gain shaping.

For more on the new series, visit BOSS.

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