Boss and JHS team up to Deliver the Angry Driver Distortion Pedal

By September 13, 2017Guitar, News, Pedals

From the combined powers of Boss and JHS comes the Angry Driver – a devilish combo of the Boss Blues Driver and the JHS Angry Charlie.

The Angry Driver combines the best of both worlds of overdrive from pedal legends Boss and JHS to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Boss stompboxes.

Though still in the classic compact format, the Angry Driver combines both types of distortion through the clever use of dual concentric knobs that allow the user to mix the best attributes of both pedals.

Beyond the versatility provided by the independent controls for level, tone and drive, you can toggle between both flavours of drive, combine them, stack them in series, or run them in parallel.

For more info on this ingenious collaboration, check out the Boss website.

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