Bob Dylan’s Fender Telecaster from the “Electric” Tour is Up for Sale

The 1965 Fender Telecaster that achieved undying infamy when Bob Dylan went “electric” is set to go under the hammer.

Bob Dylan’s “electric” tour was one of the most controversial in rock history. The Fender Telecaster that Dylan took on the tour will be auctioned next month.

Bob Dylan wasn’t the only luminary to handle this auspicious axe. It was owned by The Band’s Robbie Robertson and later played by Eric Clapton and George Harrison. 

This historic Fender wasn’t only used on stage, it also featured on Dylan’s seminal 1966 album Blonde On Blonde, as well the 1967 sessions that would later be released as the Basement Tapes.

Robbie Robertson paid tribute to the guitar by saying in a press release, “the guitar has been on the front line of so many phenomenal events, I gaze at it with amazement.”  Given this Telecaster’s incredible history, it’s hard to argue with his point of view.

Of course, you’ll be forking out a pretty penny for such a piece: it’s expected to go for somewhere between US$400,000 and US$600,000.

For more info, check out Julien’s Auctions and check out the guitar below.

Bob Dylan guitar auction

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