Blackstar Launches Studio 10 Series Combo Amps

By January 8, 2019Amps, News
Blackstar Studio 10

Blackstar has launched a new line of combo amplifiers which aim to replicate the simplicity and thick valve tones offered by classic amplifiers from the US and UK. Created with the purist in mind, each of the studio 10 amplifiers has a different valve output section, and are designed to give the spotlight to the “magic of the Class A, single-ended tube power stage.”

Blackstar emphasises the purity of the single-ended valve stage creates instant response and feedback and a “direct connection between your fingers and the speaker” as a result if the amplifier’s natural compression and dynamics.

Blackstar Studio 10

Blackstar’s new Studio 10 series was created with the tone purist in mind, with a single-ended valve stage for instant feedback and a wide dynamic range.

Each amplifier in Blackstar’s Studio 10 series runs at 10-watts through a Celestion speaker, however, they have notably different characteristics dependent on their output stage.

The Studio 10 EL34 is designed around classic low-gain British amp tones, featuring an EL34 and a footswitchable preamp boost. Blackstar states the result is a “flawlessly boutique, sultry crunch,” and is perfect for classic rock tones and articulate blues.

The Studio 10 6L6 produces American cleans with a built-in overdrive circuit inspired by the renowned HT-Drive pedal. Blackstar states the tone from the 6L6 output stage ranges from “dynamic crunch to a singing, smooth legato” while still remaining composed and graceful.

The Studio 10 KT88 boasts a KT-88 power amp valve with an ECC83 in the preamp stage, which awards this amp more headroom for sparkling dynamic cleans. Also featured is Blackstar’s ISF control which enables more flexibility around the type of distortion produced.

For more information on the new range, take a look at Blackstar’s product page.

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