Bitwig Studio 3 Released in Beta For License Holders

By May 9, 2019News, Software
Bitwig Studio 3

After announcing Studio 3 at NAMM this year, Bitwig has released a public Beta to current license holders. The Beta version has many unique new features but perhaps the most exciting is the digital patcher ‘The Grid’.

Bitwig Studio 3Bitwig Studio 3 has been released in Beta for current licence holders, featuring ‘The Grid’, a fully integrated digital patching environment.

Bitwig has refined their DAW across the board for Studio 3, however, the most exciting new feature is The Grid, a fully integrated modular environment akin to Max or Reaktor. The Grid has two distinct versions FX Grid for effects and Poly Grid for synths and each lets you create your patch to your heart’s content with over 140 modules.

Bitwig has tried to make patching easy, with colour-coded patch types and a ‘Prerecord’ feature that makes common connections for you. But if you feel like going freestyle, then you sure can, because The Grid is truly modular, meaning you can make all the happy accidents you like.

The Grid has also been optimised for hardware integration with dedicated CV input and output signals allowing you to send and receive triggers and information in a similar way to Ableton Live’s new CV tools.

Bitwig plans to release the full version of Studio 3 within a couple of months, but if you’re a licence holder, head on over to Bitwig’s website for more information on the Beta version.

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