Billy Corgan’s Monster Fuzz: Electro-Harmonix Reveals the Op-Amp Big Muff Pi Reissue

By December 13, 2017News, Pedals

Electro-Harmonix have unveiled the Op-Amp Big Muff Pi Reissue. They’ve been collaborating with Billy Corgan on the project, who made an legend of the original version on the seminal Smashing Pumpkins album, Siamese Dream.

The Op-Amp Big Muff Pi reissue has been revealed by EHX. They teamed up with Billy Corgan to capture richly harmonic fuzz of Siamese Dream.

EHX state that “The pedal relies on op-amps rather than transistors and three gain stages rather then four, to create its signature sound.” This configuration resulted in a compressed, harmonically rich tone.

The pedal itself features simple controls for dialling in the crunch. Tone, sustain and volume are on rotary knobs, with an additional switch for bypassing the tone control.

It’s also a compact-sized pedal, which makes it much more pedalboard friendly than the original.

Check out the EHX website for more details.

Via Music Radar.

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