Behringer Unveils Plans to Roll Out Eurorack Modules

Not content with the swathe of new keyboard and desktop synths that they’ve recently put out, Behringer have announced plans to create a budget range of Eurorack modules.

Behringer are set to dive into the world of Eurorack modules. As always with Behringer, they’re slated to be competitively priced.

On a forum post, Uli Behringer dropped the news about the upcoming plans, along with four images that outline the concept for the modules.

He also goes onto detailing opportunities for synth designers to collaborate with Behringer in order to build the modules, mentioning:

In short, we are willing to share our complete manufacturing, supply chain and marketing power with you, while you can focus on designing great modules.”

The modules are set to be priced between US$49 – $99, so as always with Behringer, the public is set to get a lot of bang for buck.

Check out Uli Behringer’s post here.

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