Behringer Unveils New Photos of Their ARP 2600 Clone

By June 7, 2019News, Synths
behringer arp 2600 clone synth

The team at Behringer have been hinting at it for a while, now it’s closer to being a reality. Their version of the ARP 2600 has emerged on the company’s Facebook page.

behringer arp 2600 clone synthYep it’s on. Behringer’s quest to deliver analog classics to the masses continues. This time, they’ve got semi-modular in their sights with the 2600.

Here’s what the company had to say about their progress:

Please remember this is early stage and we’re far from shipping a final product. But we want to share with you what we’re working on. And one day we’ll deliver a 2600 to you. Promise:-)

So, the usual caveats are in place (it is only the casing and a PCB here after all) but it seems only a matter of time before their arsenal of classic clones expands.

Stay tuned to their Facebook page as more details emerge.

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