Behringer Tease Plans to Build a $49 Synth

By March 3, 2017Happy, News, Synths
Behringer $49 synth

The folks over at Behringer are looking to continue their domination of the budget gear market with plans to release a $49 synth, according to founder of the company, Uli Behringer.

Behringer $49 synth

Apparently the DeepMind 12 is just the beginning of Behringer’s foray into budget synth territory, with plans revealed to build a $49 synth sometime in the future.

Behringer revealed the plans at the Winter NAMM in California back in January. He let the comment slip in a filmed interview where he was showing off the new Behringer DeepMind 12, the company’s first polyphonic synth.

“We’re going to go all in,” Behringer said, when asked the company’s future plans. “We hired the first 10 or 15 engineers [for the DeepMind 12], we’re going to hire 10 or 15 more and we’re gonna build everything that you guys want. We’re going to listen to our fans.”

When questioned further by an audience on where the brand’s synth line was heading, he said: “We want to build everything from $49, up to what you want.”

While a synth for under 50 bucks seems absurdly cheap, it’s definitely not out of the question, especially for a company so revered for developing decent gear for dirt cheap. Back in 2010, Korg released its Monotron analogue ribbon synth which is about the same price, so we may expect to see something similar. However, as FACT Mag points out, don’t hold your breath – Behringer are known for taking their time bringing new products on to the market.

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