Behringer Surprises the World with the K-2, a KORG MS-20 Clone

By August 27, 2019News, Synths
Behringer K-2

Behringer have just announced the K-2 synth, a clone of the legendary KORG MS-20. Known for unveiling products well before their launch, this time around the news comes as a surprise, with Behringer announcing they have 2,000 units ready to ship.

The K-2 marks the latest in a string of budget clones announced by Behringer this year, including most recent additions: the RD-8 analog drum machine and ARP Odyssey synth, as well as their original Crave synthesizer.Behringer K-2 Box

Behringer share their latest clone in an unexpected announcement: the K-2 desktop synth, a reimagining of the legendary KORG MS-20

In the announcement made on Facebook, Uli Behringer commented:

We hear people constantly complaining that we’re announcing too early and never ship anything. This time we kept quiet:-)

Whilst the specs for the K-2 remain unknown, the packaging hints there won’t be too much change from the original semi-modular synth featuring two VCOs. However, Behringer have opted for no keys, instead crafting the K-2 in a desktop synth format, allowing for Eurorack compatibility as well as the ability to chain up to 16 units for 16 voice polyphony.

The K-2 is based on the KORG MS-20, one of the most famous mono-synths of all time, originally released in 1978, and re-released over the years in varying forms, the last being the Mini released in 2013. The MS-20 is known for its physical patch bay which enables the user to route external sounds through its filter, allowing for a tonne of effects.

The synth has a reputation for diversity, with an ability to produce anything from aggressive basslines to lush lead sounds, and has provided the sound of many famous records from Air’s Moon Safari to Portishead’s Third, as well as being used by Daft Punk for many of their classic riffs.

Stay tuned, the K-2 is ready for shipping, with Behringer promising more information soon.

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