Behringer Share a Sneak Peek at their New Semi Modular Analog Synth: Neutron

By January 30, 2018News, Synths

They’re at it again. Behringer is dropping yet another new synth on the market. This time, however, it’s not a clone of a previous classic. Instead, it’s a new design called the Neutron.

Killer sounds with a look to match, the Neutron marks a departure from Behringer’s obsession with homage to the classics of yesteryear and focuses on a fresh, semi-modular design.

The new beast is a desktop synth, with two oscillators and a 56 point patch bay to slake the player’s thirst for modular manipulation. It has onboard effects like overdrive and delay, features like sample and hold and an LFO.

In recent times, the company has focused its efforts on producing clones of classic synths from the likes of Moog and Oberheim. Yet, they also have recent form in original synths like the Deepmind 12, which has been widely popular.

One thing Behringer is definitely famous for is keeping the cost of the products in a very consumer friendly ball park and even teased plans to build a $49 synth. And while the Neutron probably won’t land in that price bracket, it’s sure to be competitive.

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