Behringer Reveals its Latest Clone of a Classic: This Time They’ve Taken on the Sequential Circuits Pro-One

By March 19, 2018News, Synths

Originally from the same era as other archetypal analog monosynths, like the Roland SH-101, the Sequential Circuits Pro-One laid claim to many heavy basslines of the 80s. Behringer have been in the mood to revive a few classics of late, and the Pro-One could be next on the list.

Behringer are working their way through a list of analog synth favourites in order to bring these luscious sounds to a new generation. It seems that the Sequential Circuits Pro-One could be getting a reboot.

Though there isn’t a firm date on production yet – or any other details regarding the clone for that matter – the photo that they’ve posted up on their Facebook page shows a faithful recreation of the front panel of controls.

They have, however, taken away the keyboard and made it into a Eurorack compatible module.

As ever with Behringer, you’ll just have to stay tuned to see what develops.

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