Behringer Pro-1 to Become a Reality with a $299 Price Tag

By October 21, 2018News, Outboard, Production, Synths

Back in March, Behringer revealed plans to develop a clone of the iconic Sequential Circuits Pro-One analog monosynth. Now they’ve announced that their version, the Pro-1 will go into production with an expected price of US $299.

It’s finally happening. The Pro-1 is Behringer’s take on the classic Sequential Circuits analog monosynth. Best of all, it’s set to retail at $299.

The company state, “We just approved the final pre-production sample of the PRO-1 and are now gearing up for mass production. As you will notice, we have added quite a few more patch points as well as other cool features.”

The release date is yet to be confirmed, so stay tuned for further developments.

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