Become a Master of Modular: Patch & Tweak set to Launch on Kickstarter

Patch & Tweak is a new book from Kim Bjørn and Chris Meyer that explores the art of modular synthesis. It will be launched on Kickstarter on May 1.

Patch & Tweak promises to deliver a comprehensive introduction to synthesis, alongside interviews with true masters of the craft. Back it on Kickstarter soon.

Catering to novices and experienced users alike, the book features interviews with the likes of soundtrack legend Hans Zimmer and modular synth brands like Mutable Instruments and Make Noise – not to mention a foreword by influential modular pioneer, Suzanne Ciani.

It also offers a way to understand these labyrinthine structures in more detail, with history, analysis of different module types with diagrams and patching techniques.

The project launches on Kickstarter in May, so head on over to the Push Turn Move website for more details.

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