BasSynth is Wave Alchemy’s New Groundbreaking Plugin

By September 5, 2019Bass, News, Software, Studio, Synths

BasSynth is the latest earth-shaking bass synth made by UK sound design company, Wave Alchemy. The instrument is a 10GB library of multi-sampled sounds, oscillators and wavetables. BasSynth promises to fulfil all your bottom end needs, from filthy analog and gritty digital to massive modular and authentic acoustic. The plugin lets you play with up to four voices, each with their own filter and ASDR control sets.

Designed for both the total beginner and professional sound designer/composer, BasSynth offers 290 factory presets. The stylish XY pad lets you morph between macros and parameters to create complex movements in your sound. Its simple 3 section user interface makes creating, performing and sequencing evolving bass sounds a piece of cake.BasSynth

Wave Alchemy has dropped the BasSynth, its all-new multi-sampled instrument. BasSynth is at the cutting edge modern bass textures.

The first major section of the plugin is Perform. Flick through BasSynth’s juicy sounds while the four layers of each sit in each corner. You can change the level and on/off of each layer, adjust the 8 macros and play with the intricate XY modulation morph square. Inside the Design tab you will be able to create and tweak the most organic bass tone using the engine, tone and mix controls.

Included inside these subsections are complex Wavetable, Filter and EQ control panels for each layer, represented by sleek and colourful visuals. Finally, the Motion tab gives elaborate step sequencing of all 8 macros. Make groovy polyrhythmic textures or luscious sweeping sub hits with the intuitive length, rate and smoothness controls.

See the Wave Alchemy website for a more in depth look at BasSynth.

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