Avid Release Pro Tools Updates Including Immersive Dolby Atmos Integration

By June 27, 2017Features, Software
Protools 12.8

‘Tis the season for updates in the world of Pro Tools. Version 12.8 has just been released with a host of new features and bug fixes across all versions of the industry leading DAW.

Protools 12.8

AVID have just released Pro Tools 12.8 with a host of new features (the foremost being Dolby Atmos integration) and bug fixes across all versions!

In the flagship HD version, the headline changes focus mainly on the native integration of Dolby Atmos: the immersive surround sound format developed by Dolby Laboratories in 2012, which is fast becoming the industry standard speaker configuration for cinema, making Pro Tools HD hard to go past for professional audio visual work.

The non-HD updates are perhaps less glamorous and tend toward making the cloud-based collaborative feature more intuitive. The ability to have ten collaborators working remotely on the same project may be mind boggling to some, but collaborating across continents is increasingly common, and those participating in such projects will surely appreciate the seamlessness of Selective Project Sync.

You can also get your collab on in Pro Tools First, with the ability to share projects with any Pro Tools user. The Track Freeze addition is the real winner though: since version 12.4 HD and non HD users could “Freeze” tracks with plug ins and virtual instruments baked in, freeing up precious CPU power. Now it’s available in the free version. Nice!

For in depth details, including a comprehensive list of bug fixes, check out Pro Tools Expert.

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