AudioThing Unveils the Reels Lo-Fi Tape Emulation Plugin

If you want to maintain a pristine sound, you’ve come to the wrong place. The Reels plugin by AudioThing celebrates the imperfect tones of a flea market tape recorder.

Crush digital tones with AudioThing’s Reels plugin. Inspired by a distinctly lo-fi tape recorder, it celebrates analog trashiness in all its glory.

Inspired by a vintage Japanese reel-to-reel, the plugin captures all the inherent inconsistencies of the device and recreates them in a single plugin.

For example, there are controls for adding Harshness (harmonic distortion), Wow and Flutter (pitch instabilities) and Ducking (random volume fluctuations). These settings, and more, can be dialled in to suit your taste.

There are three different tape options that are labelled according to their country of origin. JP (Japan) is vintage, but with a better overall frequency response; IT (Italy) has a limited frequency response; FR (France) overused and most suitable for destroying your sound.

For more details, head over to the AudioThing website. 

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