AudioThing Unveils the 80s Inspired miniVerb Plugin

By September 18, 2018News, Production, Recording, Software

AudioThing’s miniVerb is a new plugin dedicated to the lofi reverb sounds of vintage games consoles and retro computers of the 80s and 90s.

The miniVerb plugin from AudioThing dishes up authentic, retro reverb. Taking inspiration from classic video game consoles, it ticks all the 8bit and chiptune boxes.

AudioThing describe the inspiration for the plugin as follows –

Early consoles didn’t have much power for DSP effects, so the video game composers at that time had to improvise. The most common way to add a sense of space/reverb to the sound was to sacrifice one of the internal tracks to play a delayed version of the original sound, essentially using a slapback echo to add depth.”

miniVerb’s homage to the tone of everyone’s favourite childhood Nintendo consoles is expanded with pre and post filters, vibrato and a crusher section (bit crusher, pitch shifter and downsampler).

Head over to the AudioThing website for more info.

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