AudioThing Springs is a New Take on a Classic Reverb

By May 28, 2019Mixing, News, Software
spring reverb plugin audiothing springs

There’s nothing quite like a vintage spring reverb. It’s the sound that goes hand in glove with classic guitar amps, but isn’t easy to recreate in the digital world. Yet, AudioThing has done just that with the Springs plugin.

spring reverb plugin audiothing springs

Eight types of vintage ‘verb at your fingertips. The Springs plugin from AudioThing makes it possible to inject that unique reverb style into DAW based tracks.

The authenticity of the sounded is reinforced by the use of a Baxandall EQ. This is the type of tone control that is usually found in guitar amps – a bass and treble boost. The plugin, however, also throws in a mid control with adjustable Q control for more surgical adjustments.

The eight different units include the household names – like the Roland Space Echo. But most are on the obscure side – the vintage, Japanese HR-12 unit, is just one example of the rare delights within.

For more information, visit the AudioThing website.

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