Audio-Technica Releases New High End Condenser Microphone: the AT5047

Audio-Technica have added the AT5047 model to their range of 50 series condensers.

A studio all-rounder with true quality and innovative design: the AT5047 is the new flagship condenser from Audio-Technica.

The 5047 is a welcome addition to the 50 series, with the 5040 designed to specialise in capturing vocals and the 5045 dedicated to recording instruments. The 5047 is more versatile, with an enhanced dynamic range making it the perfect fit for a broad range of sound sources.

Like the 5040, the 5047 is based on a 4 rectangular diaphragm design, which covers a wider physical space than traditional 1-inch, circular designs. Another ingenious aspect of the 50 series is that they contain an internal shock mount that separates the capsule from the body of the mic, thereby reducing the potential for unwanted, extraneous sounds.

This commitment to clarity is also supported by the included AT8480: an elegantly engineered shock-mount to further preserve the fidelity of the captured sound.

The AT5047 is suitably housed in a hard-shell case and will retail in Australia $4499.

Find out more about the AT5047 here.

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