Audio-Technica and Audient Team up to Produce the Essential Studio Kit

By September 5, 2017News, Production, Recording

Audient and Audio Technica have collaborated to bring the basics of the modern studio to budding producers with their Essential Studio Kit. 

The Essential Studio Kit consists of the AT2035 condenser mic and ATH-M40X headphones from Audio Technica, while Audient provides the iD4 Black audio interface.

The AT2035 microphone provides a clean and neutral sound. With its high pass filter and 10dB and is ideal for a broad range of applications including voiceovers, podcasts, miking up vocalists and a variety of instruments.

The ATH-M40X headphones are built for comfort during long mixing sessions and can provide ample monitoring for a musician when they are recording.

Though diminutive in size, the Audient iD4 Black interface gives the user plenty of flexibility in recording and monitoring. It features 24bit/96k conversion, XLR mic input and a discrete JFET DI for warm and punchy bass, guitar and keyboard recording.

For more details on this all-in-one portable studio, check out the Audient website.

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