Audient Debuts the Nero Desktop Monitor Controller

audient nero monitor controller recording

Audient has announced the launch of the Nero monitor controller. It promises to be the central nervous system of your studio, offering myriad routing options, for a number of scenarios. audient nero monitor controller recording

Get in control of your studio. Audient’s Nero monitor controller provides a number of routing options for tracking and mixing sessions.

On the input side, there is provision for two stereo mixes and auxiliary ins in the form of stereo RCA and minijack (for referencing with a mobile phone for example). There’s also a dedicated cue mix input for recording musicians in a live room.

The outputs include three stereo options, meaning you can switch between three different sets of monitors in while mixing, a monitor grade headphone output (on the front) and three extra headphone outs for a full band. The subwoofer output can be assigned to any of the monitoring paths.

All of these features are packed into a unit that’s fit for the desktop. All routing controls, including talkback, mono fold down, headphone and main monitor volume are available on the console-style front panel.

Head over to Audient for all the details.

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