Audient and Two Notes Unveil Sono Audio Interface

Audient and Two Notes Audio Engineering have collaborated to deliver the Sono audio interface. It combines two high quality mic pres and a host of options, specifically aimed at guitarists.

Audient have teamed up with Two Notes to deliver Sono – an audio interface with a difference. Yes, it has two high quality mic pres, but it’s definitely designed with the guitarist in mind.

Most interfaces these days are equipped with a high impedance input for guitar signals, with little to no options for shaping tone.

The Sono, on the other hand, possesses a 12AX7 valve preamp and 3 band EQ that gives the player a hands on method for gaining warmth and shaping the guitar tone before it hits your DAW.

The onboard DSP allows for myriad amp and cabinet simulation options, all with next to no latency.

The interface can track a clean DI signal at the same time as the “treated” signal, so it can be reamped later via the amp output.

Interestingly, for non-guitar recordings, you can route the mic level signal through the valve preamp, as well as the amp and cabinet simulations.

For more info, visit the Audient website.

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