Arturia Goes Tiny with the Microlab Keyboard Controller

By September 4, 2019Keys, News, Production, Software
Arturia MicroLab

Arturia has announced their latest portable MIDI device with the Microlab USB keyboard controller. A successor to its big brother the Minilab, Arturia’s new smaller controller offers up two slim octaves to take with us wherever, whenever.

It looks like a true hero when it comes to making beats on your coffee break or composing score ideas on the train from work. The pint-sized keyboard boasts 25 note velocity-sensitive keys and a rubberised protective case with an integrated USB cord.Arturia MicroLab

Arturia continues to dominate the compact controller market with the Microlab – small enough to be your pocket-sized pal.

Many would argue the relevance of Microlab’s place in the market considering its bigger brother the Minilab. The Microlab, however, is only half the size of the Minilab. Despite its size, Arturia assures us it’s a keyboard that “you’ll actually enjoy playing” and with portability like this, there really isn’t much to compare it to.

Features include 2 touch sensors for pitch bend and modulation wheel as well as low power capabilities. What this means exactly is that the Microlab can be powered by your Android device or iPad with Arturia’s separate camera connection kit. This makes the Microlab even more portable as there becomes no need for a laptop. Using your iPad to run Microlab’s software makes sound designing on a cattle-class flight a reality.

The Microlab also comes packaged with three great pieces of software. Bitwig 8-track, UVI Grand Piano Model D and the awesome Analog Lab Lite can make your mobile production sound truly inspired. The keyboard is USB/MIDI class compliant meaning there are no drivers needed, simply plug and play.

For more information, visit the Microlab product page.

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