Are Roland About to Release a SH-101 Reissue?

By July 26, 2017Happy, News, Production, Synths

A leaked video suggests that Roland could be on the verge of releasing a reissue of the legendary SH-101.

The Roland SH-101 ranks among the legendary examples of the monosynth. Could it be time for a reboot?

The leaked video from the office of Roland’s product manager Nick de Friez which pans across the a Boutique module (much in the same vein as their recent reissues like the Juno 106 and the TR-909). Aside from its iconic blue, the sliders and knobs have the look of the original.

Have a look at the video below via Gear News:

It seems to be the natural order of the Boutique treatment from Roland – they’ve already paid homage to many of their polysynth classics like the Jupiter 8, the TB-303 Bassline, so it seems they might be finally turning their attention to their flagship monosynth.

The Boutique models feature analog emulation technology, which allows the user to get as sonically close to the original analog circuitry, on a stable digital platform and at a fraction of the cost.

Roland is in the habit of reviving their unparalleled heritage of late, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, find out more about the Boutique series here.

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