Are MXR Going to Release a Green Day Dookie Pedal?

By January 21, 2019News, Pedals
billie joe mxr green day dookie

An Instagram post by Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has left many scratching their chins. The post shows a picture of an MXR signature edition pedal, seemingly inspired by the punk band’s seminal 1994 album Dookie.

billie joe mxr green day dookie

A photo of a new pedal on Billie Joe Armstrong’s Instagram suggests that MXR might be about to drop a Dookie!

In the post caption, Armstrong states “Anyone going to NAMM?”, suggesting the pedal might be scheduled for release at the pro audio trade show. The pedal has all the makings of an overdrive, with controls detailing ‘Output’, ‘Gain’, ‘Blend’, ‘Tone’, as well as a ‘Scoop’ button.

If I had to have a guess I’d say the pedal is probably modelled on Armstrong’s tones during his early career which were largely a result of an amplifier named ‘Pete’, a Marshall Plexi 1959SLP reissue.

The release also makes a lot of sense as this year Dookie turns 25 on February the 1st. So will we see a new signature MXR overdrive next month, ‘or am I just paranoid?’

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