Arca Creates the Bootup Music for Mega Sg Gaming Console

By March 18, 2019News, Production, Synths

Arca, the Venezuelan electronic artist and producer who’s worked with Bjork, Frank Ocean and Kanye West among others, has created the startup music for Mega Sg gaming console.

Arca has created an icy and evocative bootup jingle for the Mega Sg. It’s a gaming console that brings all your old Sega games back to life.

The Mega Sg is from the team at Analogue. They specialise in creating gaming consoles that are compatible with old cartridges. The Mega Sg is compatible with Sega cartridges from the Genesis, Mega Drive and Master System.

Furthermore, it presents the games in accordance with today’s HD specs. Up to 1080p with zero lag or signal degradation is available via HDMI connection, while audio plays back at 48k/16bit.

Find out more about the Mega Sg on the Analogue website. 

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