Apogee Unveils FX Rack Plugin Suite for Mac

By May 14, 2019News, Software

Apogee is most famous for their for their series of industry leading converters and audio interfaces, catering to all levels of the audio market. Now, they’ve made further inroads into the plugin world, with the FX Rack suite.

A blend of cutting edge tech with the tones of classic studio hardware. Apogee’s FX Rack provides EQ and compression – and for the first time – can run natively on your Mac.

Key to the FX Rack’s capability is Apogee’s DualPath DSP technology. The plugins can run on the DSP Ensemble or Element, or natively on your Mac.

As for the effects themselves, the focus is very much on the archetypal studio classics. Owing to the partnership that Apogee has with Pulse Technologies, the FX Rack is able to bring you exacting recreations of the Pultec EQP-1A and the MEQ-5. There’s also a proprietary ModEQ 6 visual EQ.

On the compression side, the Opto-3A dishes up that familiar Universal Audio LA-3A with extended high frequency emphasis and sidechain high pass filter. As a sister to the ModEQ 6, there is visually friendly ModComp for more precise compression and limiting duties.

For more details, visit Apogee. 

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