Antelope Audio has Released the Discrete 8 Interface with Console Grade Preamps

By October 11, 2017News, Production, Recording

The Discrete 8 audio interface from Antelope provides plentiful inputs and outputs with console-grade preamp tone.

Antelope’s newly minted Discrete 8 audio interface is packed with high quality preamps, real time effects processing and modelling of classic microphones.

The eight inputs of the interface are made up of six mic preamps and two hi-z inputs and output wise, it includes a monitor out, two headphone outs, line outs and a reamp out for sending signal to guitar amps. Helpfully, connection to a computer is available via Thunderbolt and USB, which should suit multiple platforms.

The FPGA effects engine – which delivers compression, EQ, guitar amp simulation and reverb – is available as well as the modelling microphones Edge and Verge, which are designed to take on the character of seminal mics, giving you control of their characteristics during or post recording.

Check out the Antelope website for more details.


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