Antelope Audio Expands Edge Series with Three New Models

By September 18, 2018Miking, News, Recording

Antelope Audio have added three new microphones to their Edge series. The three large diaphragm condensers cover cardioid, multi pattern and 360 degree configurations, while modelling some of the most coveted microphones of all time.

Versatile with iconic tone: Antelope Audio’s Edge series delivers cardioid, multipattern and 360 degree miking with the tones of Neumann, AKG and more.

The three models cover a massive span of miking applications and can sound like your favourite Neumann, AKG, Royer or Coles, thanks to the companion plugin.

The Solo is the simplest of the new trio. It is a fixed pattern condenser, with a single diaphragm. The Duo has a dual-membraned capsule allowing the signal from each signal to be individually processed and the polar pattern to be altered after recording.

The Quadro is a stereo and surround microphone with two dual-membrane capsules, plus a rotating head. This means it can deliver four independent channels for a host of stereo miking techniques and 3D sound.

The new range is set to ship in October, so stay tuned to Antelope Audio for more details.

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