Antares Auto-Tune Artist: Creative Pitch Correction for Stage and Studio

Autotune Artist Man

Auto-Tune Artist is the latest in Antares’ line of hailed real time pitch correction plugins. Its founding idea was to meet the demanding needs of working musicians, producers, and live sound engineers. Rivalling the likes of Melodyne and Waves-Tune, Auto-Tune Artist has a lot to live up to.

Artist comes packed with the power of Antares’ flagship models with a user-friendly design. It comes optimised for low latency performance on stage or in the studio. As a result, it boasts the same advanced features of its forerunner, Auto-Tune Pro. Its sleek new interface has been redesigned for ease-of-use and optimal workflow thanks to both basic and advanced view options.Autotune Artist Man

The latest in realtime pitch correction technology is here with Antares’ Auto-Tune Artist. Performance friendly and surgical when it needs to be.

The plugins four main controls include Retune Speed, Flex-Tune, Natural Vibrato and Humanize. Controls like Flex-Tune give your vocals more natural and transparent pitch correction while using Classic Mode produces Antares’ unique Auto-Tune 5 sound. You can also tweak the Transpose control for real-time pitch shifting or preserve subtle pitch variations with Humanize knob.

The inclusion of powerful MIDI functionality polishes your singing while you perform. Other weapons in its arsenal include Antares’ Auto-Key plug-in that detects the key and scale and sends that information to Auto-Tune Artist with a single click.

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