Another Surprise from the Behringer Labs? It Looks Like a Roland Jupiter 8 Clone Could be in the Works

By February 27, 2018News, Synths

A mysterious photo has emerged from the offices of Behringer. If it’s true to form, a Roland Jupiter 8 clone could be on the agenda for Behringer’s engineers.

Another surprise from the Behringer labs? It looks like clone of the Roland Jupiter 8 polysynth could be in the works!

Behringer are creating a reputation for themselves as breathing life back into the analog synth classics of the past. On this occasion, it looks like they may be turning their attention to the beastliest of all polysynths: the Roland Jupiter 8.

Also keeping a character with recent gifts to the music community, Behringer have been less than upfront with any concrete plans, only captioning the Facebook photo with a single, cryptic line: “Christmas came early for our German Tribers“.

So are they, or aren’t they? Only time will tell. But if so, we can only imagine that it will be more financially attainable than the original analog monster, which can fetch prices in the tens of thousands.

Stay in the loop with any potential developments at Behringer.

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