An Old Dog with New Tricks: Brian Ray’s Signature Gibson ’62 SG Junior

By August 7, 2019Guitar, History, News
Brian Ray 62 Gibson SG Junior

Those who are aware of Brian Ray’s work will instantly know his taste for the raw vintage tones of the ’50s and ’60s. This new model of SG Junior embodies the sounds of these times, with features like a hot Custom Dog-Ear P-90 pickup, a solid mahogany body an eighth of an inch thicker than your average SG.

The most interesting aspect of the new axe, however, has to be the inclusion of the unique ebony tailpiece – a design of Gibson’s that had only been used on some original 1962 SG models and discontinued since. This sits alongside a convertible bridge with which you’re able to change from an old-style wrap-around setup to a modern Tune-o-Matic bridge setup “as quick as you can change strings“, according to Ray himself.

Brian Ray 62 Gibson SG Junior

Brian Ray’s smooth Custom Shop ’62 SG Junior comes loaded with vintage gadgetry that holds its own in the modern world of guitar.

Specs include a ’63 profile neck with spacious Dunlop 6100 Jumbo frets, as well as a 24.75″ scale length and 12″ fingerboard radius. There’s also a passive induction coil circuit hidden under the pickguard to reduce any nasty high-gain noise while maintaining that classic P-90 tone.

Finished off with a sleek White Fox finish, polished nickel hardware and Custom Celluloid Trapezoid fretboard inlays make this new member of Gibson’s Artist Collection a definite addition to any guitarist’s wish list.

For more details, head over to the Gibson website.

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