An Octave Pedal with a New Level of Precision, Fuzzrocious Announces the Octave Jawn

Named after a Philadelphia slang term that can be a stand-in for just about anything, Fuzzrocious Pedals‘ Octave Jawn can purportedly track faster than any other digital octave pedal on the market.

Fully polyphonic and speedily accurate, the Octave Jawn from Fuzzrocious sets a new standard for creating heavy octave riffs and screaming leads.

Fuzzrocious say that their new model can track octaves faster than other digital octavers on the market. It can also work with polyphonic information, means that complex chords can be translated without turning into indecipherable mush.

Control couldn’t be more simple, with the small knob controlling wet/dry signal and the big knob for dialling in higher or lower octaves.

The big difference with this device is that it will only be available as a mod unit. Fuzzrocious will add the Octave Jawn mod to a new pedal from their selection, or you can send in your already exisiting Fuzzrocious pedal to get the new treatment.

For more information, including prices for the mod, visit the Fuzzrocious Pedals website.

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