An Icon of Fuzz Reborn: Electro Harmonix Reissue The Green Russian Big Muff

By August 23, 2017Guitar, News, Pedals

The cult classic is back: the Green Russian Big Muff has just been reissued by Electro Harmonix.

The Green Russian Big Muff is being reissued, bringing the cult classic fuzz to a new generation. The new version brings a big sound in a small package.

It doesn’t get much more simple than the controls on offer here. True to the original, the reboot from Electro Harmonix features knobs for tone, volume and sustain. Tone functions a bit like an EQ – all the way up and the tone is gritty and harsh, all the way down and you get that iconic rumble.

Volume controls the output level for careful gain staging with other pedals in your chain. Sustain sets the length of the distortion on the signal.

The biggest difference from previous iterations is the fact that it won’t occupy a ridiculous amount of space on your pedalboard, which is surely welcome news among stompbox junkies.

Find out more about the Green Russian Big Muff on the EHX website.

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