Alpha Omicron brings Beautifully Brutal Distortion to the Bass

By September 6, 2017Bass, News, Pedals

Finnish pedal masters Darkglass Electronics have just released the Alpha Omicron – the little brother of the Alpha Omega, which was developed with help from Jon Stockman of Karnivool fame.

Distortion with bite and character: the Alpha Omicron by Darkglass Electronics brings real cut-through to the bottom-end.

The stompbox features what you’d expect in in terms of control – a blend knob for varying wet and dry signals and a drive control for the amount of dirtiness you want to inject into the tone. The mod, bite and growl is where it gets interesting though.

The mod switch allows you to select the “Alpha” circuit, which is tight and punchy, the “Omicron” path delivers the raw brutality. Bite adds an EQ boost at 2.8k, to provide that much needed cut-through for the bass. The growl switch adds a low shelf boost to maintain the power at the bottom-end of the spectrum.

For more info, including on how to purchase, check out Darkglass Electronics.

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